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Westwood and Taylor

FarmerT213: this town has a crazy history

FarmerT213: at one time it was the home of the biggest logging mill in the world
FarmerT213: and I found out yesterday that this little town about a mile away (called Pinetown) was where they segregated all of the Mexicans and Italians
FarmerT213: and that the white people from Westwood were in a KKK-like group called the Knights of Pithias and they would go and fight the Mexicans and Italians
FarmerT213: yeah, we're talking like the 1940's, too

FarmerT213: and apparently there's this tunnel that I've driven past a bunch of times...and it was the site of a hanging, about 60 years ago

FarmerT213: yeah, me and you should break into the old hospital
FarmerT213: haha
FarmerT213: it's like 2 stories
FarmerT213: and there's a lot of the original equipment in there
FarmerT213: one time I went in there and there was still metal canisters of medical utensils in there
jlspecialsauce: THATS FUCKING GNARLY
FarmerT213: but it's been closed for over 20 years

FarmerT213: two of my friends and I went into a miner's house out in the middle of nowhere
FarmerT213: and we found a bunch of old pictures from like 100 years ago
FarmerT213: and letters from some guy to his girlfriend
FarmerT213: and the place had barely been touched
FarmerT213: most of the furniture was still in place
jlspecialsauce: from like a hundred years ago?
jlspecialsauce: jesus
FarmerT213: the letters were dated at like 1904 or some shit

FarmerT213: it's a cool place, if you're into exploring and shit
FarmerT213: but at the same time, if you explore the wrong places, there are people with lots of guns

FarmerT213: I'm gonna go find some chaps to wear

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